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Lost in translation IPA Bret

Tupiniquim · Eviltwin Brewing

· India Pale Ale

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Lost in translation IPA Bret

Lost in translation IPA Bret is a collaborative beer between Tupiniquim and Eviltwin Brewing. It is an India Pale Ale which has 6.5% ABV. This is an available year round beer. Show commercial description.

Lost in Translation vai além do convencional e utiliza leveduras selvagens para sua fermentação, que lhe proporcionam sabores e aromas distintos e lhe conferem grande complexidade. Essa cerveja foi feita em colaboração com a cervejaria EVILTWIN BREWING. Show brief description.

Alcohol 6.5% ABV
Bitterness Not specified
Color Not specified
Original gravity Not specified
Seasonality Year round
Service Temperature 4ºC ~ 7ºC Style-based suggestion
Glassware Pint · Caldereta Style-based suggestion
Availability Bottle
Malts and adjuncts Not specified
Hops Not specified
Yeasts and other bacterias Brettanomyces
Other ingredients Not specified
Food Pairing Spicy dishes · Mexican cuisine · Red meat · Burger · Queijos fortes · Indian cuisine Style-based suggestion


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