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American Ale

United States Brooklyn Brewery
American Ale

American Ale

United States Brooklyn Brewery
American Pale Ale

American Ale is an American Pale Ale which has 4.5% ABV brewed by Brooklyn Brewery from NY, United States. This is an available year round beer.

Alcohol 4.5% ABV

Bitterness Not specified

Color Not specified

Original gravity 1.042 OG


Year round

Service Temperature

4ºC ~ 7ºC

Style-based suggestion


Pint and Tulipa

Style-based suggestion


Bottle, Can, Keg/Draft

Malts and adjuncts

2-row, Carafoam and Crisp


Willamette, Cascade and Amarillo

Yeasts and other bacterias

House Ale Yeast

Other ingredients

Not specified

Food Pairing

Pizza, Thai cuisine, Salad, Fresh cheese, Sharp cheddar, Spicy dishes, Mexican cuisine and Burger

Here in New York City, things are complicated, fast and loud. So sometimes we want a nice beer that's simply tasty and refreshing. Brooklyn American Ale is easygoing, versatile, and dependable. It's a beer you and your friends can hang out with, no matter where you're from. Try it alongside pizza, burgers, spicy foods, sharp cheese, or just another bottle of American Ale.

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