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9th Symphony

9th Symphony is a Belgian Strong Ale which has 9% ABV brewed by Eviltwin Brewing from NY, United States. This is a limited beer.

Alcohol 9% ABV

Bitterness Not specified

Color Not specified

Original gravity Not specified

More about release

When Austrian based composer Beethoven made his masterpiece the 9th Symphony ‘Ode to Joy’ he was completely deaf. Same kind of genius, yet insane and overexcited happened when Evil Twin composed this highbrow beer - a delicate joyful blonde spend some time in a crisp Austrian white wine barrel and orchestrated this 9% ‘Ode to Joy’ - the most vinous blonde the world of beer has ever seen.



Released in October 2011

Service Temperature

Not specified


Not specified


Not specified

Malts and adjuncts

Not specified


Not specified

Yeasts and other bacterias

Not specified

Other ingredients

Not specified

Food Pairing

Not specified

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