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English IPA

This beer is an English IPA which has 6.2% ABV and 53 IBU brewed by Schaide Bier from CE, Brazil.

Alcohol 6.2% ABV

Bitterness 53 IBU

Color 11 SRM

Original gravity Not specified

More about release

Decididamente mais lupulada e amarga, moderadamente forte, extremamente aromática, ainda assim, refrescante e fácil de beber. Possui base maltada remetendo ao sabor de biscoito e caramelo, levemente frutado. Espuma clara de média formação.


Not specified

Service Temperature

Not specified


Ipa Class


Style-based suggestion


Not specified

Malts and adjuncts

Not specified


Not specified

Yeasts and other bacterias

Not specified

Other ingredients

Not specified

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