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Nameless Brut

Nameless Brut is Brut IPA which has 7.2% ABV brewed by Bike Dog Brewing Company from CA, United States.

Alcohol 7.2% ABV

Bitterness Not specified

Color Not specified

Original gravity Not specified

More about release

We brewed this one for the anonymous henchmen and henchwomen of the world, those nameless brutes who never seem to catch a break. While the evil geniuses take all the credit, it’s the henchpersons who do all the work, so we created a crisp and drinkable beer that doesn’t hold back the hop wallop. We used a special enzyme, possibly stolen from a secret government lab, to create a distinct dryness in the beer. This results in a diabolically subtle pear aroma, while also allowing a sinister mix of citrus and stone fruit flavors to hold your palate hostage…to deliciousness!


Not specified

Service Temperature

Not specified


Ipa Class

Style-based suggestion


Not specified

Malts and adjuncts

Not specified


Not specified

Yeasts and other bacterias

Not specified

Other ingredients

Not specified

Food Pairing

Not specified

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