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Double IPA

Technical information

Alcohol 7.9% ~ 9% ABV

Bitterness 68 ~ 100 IBU

Color 5 ~ 11 SRM

Original gravity 1.070 ~ 1.081 OG

Final gravity 1.010 ~ 1.016 FG

Last releases, trends and some beers


Synergy and Mean Sardine

Double IPA

9.00% ABV

Mea Culpa

Double IPA

8.20% ABV 92 IBU
Double IPA


Double IPA

8.50% ABV 84 IBU

Hocus Pocus

Double IPA

8.20% ABV
El Terrible Mapinguari

Swamp Brewing, Juan Caloto and Heroica

Double IPA

Imperial IPA

Roleta Russa

Double IPA

8.20% ABV 120 IBU 10 SRM
Hop Bomber


Double IPA

8.50% ABV 82 IBU

Botto Bier

Double IPA

9.00% ABV 66 IBU
2 Anos


Double IPA

9.50% ABV
Imperial IPA

Amazon Beer

Double IPA

8.60% ABV 73 IBU

O Motim

Double IPA

8.50% ABV 120 IBU
Cangaço´s Kingdom

Caatinga Rocks

Double IPA

8.50% ABV 70 IBU

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Food pairing

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Service temperature and glassware

Service temperature

6ºC ~ 8ºC


Pint, Tulipa, Caldereta and Ipa Class

With the expansion of the craft beer scene worldwide, it has been increasingly difficult to follow and parameterize all existing beer styles. Because of this, we decided at The Beers Nation to not use any pre-established style guide. All information available refers to the data registered in our database. Based on this information we group all the beers of the same style and draw the parameters of ABV, IBU, SRM, OG and FG. For a parameter to be displayed, at least 5 beers of that style must have declared it.