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New England IPA

Technical information

Alcohol 6% ~ 7.25% ABV

Bitterness 40 ~ 62.5 IBU

Color 5 ~ 9 SRM

Original gravity Not avaliable

Final gravity Not avaliable

Last releases, trends and some beers



New England IPA

6.70% ABV

Micro X

New England IPA

7.30% ABV 69 IBU 8 SRM
Green Force #6

Croma Beer

New England IPA

7.20% ABV 45 IBU
Tannat Barbe Rouge Grape

Dádiva and Mean Sardine

New England IPA

5.40% ABV
Citrus Machine

Croma Beer

New England IPA

6.00% ABV
Vert Mont


New England IPA

8.10% ABV 59 IBU
Tricorne Tart PawPaw NEIPA

Samuel Adams and Urban Artifact

New England IPA

7.50% ABV
Green Force #3

Croma Beer

New England IPA

7.20% ABV
Yellow Nectar

Infected Brewing Co

New England IPA

6.00% ABV 55 IBU

Saint Stelo and Locust Lane

New England IPA

Medusa Affair

Infected Brewing Co and Bicudo Brewing

New England IPA

7.00% ABV 40 IBU
Green Force #2

Croma Beer

New England IPA

7.20% ABV

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Food pairing

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Service temperature and glassware

Service temperature

5ºC ~ 8ºC



With the expansion of the craft beer scene worldwide, it has been increasingly difficult to follow and parameterize all existing beer styles. Because of this, we decided at The Beers Nation to not use any pre-established style guide. All information available refers to the data registered in our database. Based on this information we group all the beers of the same style and draw the parameters of ABV, IBU, SRM, OG and FG. For a parameter to be displayed, at least 5 beers of that style must have declared it.