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Blue cheeses


Some beer styles to try

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Some beers to try

Baseball Cap

Big John

American IPA

6.20% ABV 50 IBU 7 SRM
Fastback racer

Bear Republic Brewing Co.

Double IPA

10.40% ABV 100 IBU


Belgian Ale

7.00% ABV 35 IBU 13 SRM
Modern Dogma

Dogma and Modern Times Beer

Imperial Porter

60 IBU
Boston Ale

Samuel Adams

Stock Ale

5.40% ABV 34 IBU 14 SRM


Imperial Black IPA

8.50% ABV 110 IBU
Boston Lager

Samuel Adams

5.00% ABV 30 IBU 11 SRM
Cangaço´s Kingdom

Caatinga Rocks

Double IPA

8.50% ABV 70 IBU
Hop Hunter

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

India Pale Ale

6.20% ABV 60 IBU
Frida Blond Ale

Cerveja Blumenau

Belgian Blond Ale

7.00% ABV


India Pale Ale

6.90% ABV 58 IBU 11 SRM
Double IPA


Double IPA

8.50% ABV 84 IBU

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